Since 1994, Weiss Co has been a trusted name in the Japanese Diamond industry, globally sourcing and expertly polishing diamonds for quality and transparency.

Our Tokyo and Mumbai teams ensure precision in fulfilling orders, while our artisans craft exquisite jewelry from select diamonds.

  • Certified Diamonds

    Choose from diamonds that come with authentic third-party certification from trusted laboratories.

  • Custom Design

    Create your unique jewelry piece at an unbeatable price.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Enjoy a lifetime guarantee on resizing, polishing, and coating by our experienced staff.
    Get 100% trade-in value for a future upgrade.

    (The upgrade is at least double the original purchase (any discounts disqualify))
  • Established Expertise

    Over 50 years of experience serving clients worldwide, with a wide range of choices and budget-friendly diamond imports.

Your Unique Design, Crafted to Perfection

Our jewelry designers are committed to delivering the utmost in design and craftsmanship excellence. Their expertise plays a crucial role in shaping designs that our goldsmiths can then meticulously bring to life, adhering to the highest standards of quality.

- Designer at Weiss

Ready to be made into beautiful custom jewelry by our professional staff.

Mael Design

Weiss specializes in Fancy Diamonds and Fancy Shapes.

The products from 'Mael' enhance the diamond's colors in a natural way. This technique involves adding additional layers to the diamond to enhance its color, making it appear like a higher-grade color at a lower price.
画像説明: 「Weiss」はファンシーカラーとファンシーシェイプに力を入れています。自然な方法で色を強化し、割引価格で高級な色を実現する「Mael」の製品が写っているでしょう。