Lab Grown Diamonds

Interviewer: How do you answer the claim that Lab grown is an ECO and ETHICAL solution to Diamonds?
Adi: If you want to be eco, the only eco friendly material you can buy is recycled. Buy second hand diamonds! Actually, most diamonds on the market worldwide today are recycled. Lab grown diamonds leave a bigger carbon footprint than traditional mining!
Interviewer: What about the price difference?
Adi: Do not hesitate to buy lab grown if you don't care about the future resale value. They are just as hard, and shine better than natural ones. If it makes sense to buy and in a few years throw away - go for it! It is unquestionable that the value is declining very fast, by the end of 2025 will be worth only the cost of polishing them the branding value (if branded). I would personally wait and buy them when they are that low and in no reference to Natural diamond price.
Interviewer: How can you sum up your view of Lab Grown?
Adi: In short - where future value of the material is not an issue - lab grown will prevail. If you always wanted a 2+2 carat diamond studs and didn't want to invest $50k on such, you can now buy them lab grown at 2K....but say goodbye to the money. If you are buying an investment - buy something as rare as your budget can get.