About Weiss Co. Ltd and CEO, Mr. Adi Levy.

What kind of business is Weiss doing precisely?

We are diamond dealers. We buy and sell loose Natural Diamonds. We connect needs with suppliers worldwide.

What kind of diamonds is Weiss dealing with mainly?

We basically deal with any Natural diamonds of any size, color, clarity, and shape. We try to put our main emphasis on fancy shapes and fancy colors. Fancy shapes are all diamonds not round shaped. We suggest our clients to go with fancy shapes for a few reasons:

  1. You get more diamond for your money.
  2. You are unique and not standard.
  3. Less possibility to look like a fake imitation.

Why did Weiss start this business in Japan?

I wanted to work in a market where I have an edge over other dealers. Speaking the language, knowing the culture gives me an edge here. There are other hurdles in Japan for the diamond business which other dealers find disturbing, like the consumption tax which does not exist in other countries for loose diamonds. Banking in Japan also gives me an edge in this business of high volume funds.

What are your thoughts on the future of the diamond market considering the increasing popularity of artificial diamonds?

I see no threat whatsoever. Natural diamonds can be easily separated and detected in a Gem laboratory such as the G.I.A in the U.S.A or C.G.L in Japan. Laboratory-grown diamonds are now virtually being “printed” and made like T-shirts. There is no value in it. It is the same material but not the same value.

Women don't like diamonds because they shine or because they are strong. Women like diamonds because they have value. Take the value out and there is no interest.

The same diamond if lab-grown will cost you now 400, and in two years you will be able to buy it for 50 or 15... because there is no end and no control over manufacturing. Lab-grown diamonds will eventually, with technology advancing day by day, replace all zirconia and other diamond simulants. You will see it on sunglasses, shoes, and nail decoration. It can never threaten Natural diamonds.

Example: Buy a 5000 natural diamond, it has a resale value. In a few years, it may be worth 6000 or if the market is down it will be worth 4000, but it is still valuable.

About future prospects of Weiss and yourself?

I would like to reach more audiences for my product, teach people how to buy diamonds and how to invest in them. I would also want to extend my service to diamond exchange with clients. We have clients in other countries that are in search of goods and pay a high price! Diamonds are easy to carry ‘emergency’ funds. In case of an earthquake or natural disaster, they can serve people. Diamonds are also true ‘off-grid’ investments that can be given or transferred without having to pay heavy taxes.

We have an in-house design team and craftsmen that fulfill people's dreams and we are always ready and willing to do just that!