What is a Halo Ring? - Weiss Co., Ltd.

What is a Halo Ring? - Weiss Co., Ltd.

Are you in search of a large diamond ring but concerned about the price? If so, a halo ring might be a great choice. A halo ring visually enlarges the central diamond by surrounding it with smaller diamonds, allowing you to obtain an impressive ring within your budget. So, what exactly is a halo engagement ring? Let us explain. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is a halo ring, and what does it signify?
  • Which center stones are suitable for a halo ring?
  • When should you wear a halo ring?
  • What types of rings and settings are available?

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Meaning and Name of a Halo Ring

A halo ring is a diamond setting that surrounds the central main stone with smaller diamonds, creating an illusion of it appearing larger. The term 'halo' refers to the atmospheric phenomenon of seeing colored or white rings around the sun or moon.

Suitable Center Stones for a Halo Ring

A halo ring can use colorless or colored diamonds, both of which result in a sparkling effect. However, the setting doesn't necessarily require diamonds — colored gemstones like rubies or sapphires are also perfectly suitable for halo rings. The best cuts for the ring are round diamonds and square princess cuts. Specific shapes like marquise or pear also work but may not highlight the halo effect as prominently.

So, which diamonds offer the best combination for a halo ring? It primarily depends on your budget. Visually, a medium-sized diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds or a trio of smaller diamonds can create a stunning ring. To enhance the look, you can also inset colorless or colored pave diamonds on the band.

Now that you know what a halo ring is and how it creates the illusion of a larger diamond, you might want to learn more about finding the perfect diamond ring.

About Ruby stones

Ruby is a gemstone that ranges in color from pink to blood-red and is a variety of the mineral corundum. Ruby is considered a gemstone of love, energy, passion, and power and is the birthstone for July. The gem is durable, rare, and must meet the definition of being a stone with a certain hardness, which also applies to diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. After diamonds, sapphires are the hardest material on Earth. Sapphires exist in many colors, with blue variations being the most valuable. Most sapphires weigh over 4 carats, and the most valuable sapphires are found in Sri Lanka.

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