Adi Levy

After completing the Graduate Gemologist course, unlike many people in the industry today, I studied and worked in all existing aspects of the business. From manual sawing, to cleaving, Polishing, Marking, working in partnership with De beers Top Tier sight holder for over 20 years has made me and our brand what it is today.

As a master carpenter knows wood, I lived and breathed Diamonds for a great two thirds of my life. Not only as a dealer but as a craftsman, an engineer, and in cases, a pioneer. Not born into a Diamond family business, nothing was bestowed on me that was not earned by hard long years of work and study.

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I love what I do and every stone I purchase is unique to me. My team takes pride in the knowledge and friendships we’ve obtained and maintained for years.

Over 30 years of unblemished reputation and worldwide connections make Weiss Co and our vast and ever changing inventory a unique and second to none Unicorn of the Diamond industry in Japan.